Namibia is home to some of the world’s finest sporting birds

Namibia has 20 different huntable game species, some of the most popular to hunt are Burchell’s Sandgrouse, Namaqua Sandgrouse, Red Billed Spurfowl, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Rock Pigeon, Cape Turtle Dove, and Mourning Dove.

Doves and sandgrouse are hunted and ambushed over waterholes. Helmeted Guinea fowl, the most widespread upland game bird and Francolin is hunted by walked-up, flushing them in the dry river beds and open grassland areas.

Quail the smallest of the game birds are nomadic and migratory, a driven hunt flushing them in open grassland areas, quail inhabit the same terrain as Guinea fowl and Francolin – their numbers largely depend on the Namibian rain season!

To top off the experience, our kitchen will prepare the days harvest with a traditional family recipe.